Tuesday, May 7, 2013

An Introduction

This is my latest attempt in maintaining a blog. I've lost count of how many blogs I've published in the past but I certainly have covered a good number of subjects since I started doing it my sophomore year of high school. Like anyone else, I had my moments of adolescent angst with my first blog but I had better luck with the travel blog I maintained during my trip to Greece three years ago and the others that I have dedicated to music reviews. Of course, that's not even going into the diaries I've tried keeping and the numerous sites that I have contributed to like the Encyclopedia Metallum, Sputnik Music, or Suite101.

 So what am I going to be using this blog for? Pretty much anything I can think of, really. Being the die-hard metalhead and music fan that I am, a good portion of my writing will be going towards album reviews and general observations of all things music related. I may also try to do some non-music commentary whether it be based on movies, books, or just random experiences in my life or others that I feel are worth talking about. I want to see what kinds of things I can learn about myself and hope to get some insights from others that I may not have thought possible. I've always been one to welcome a thoughtful discussion and hope to see some good ones pop up over time.

 In addition, I really need to get myself back on a consistent regiment if I ever want to call myself a true writer or have any of my various novel ideas to come into fruition. Music writing and band politics have come much easier for me in recent years, but I've always wanted to see what kind of balance can be achieved between the two. And in the words of the Skynyrd song that I was listening to a couple of hours ago, all I can do is write about it.

 So I'd like to be the first to welcome you to the soon-to-be clusterfuck known as Psychic Shorts. Stick around for some more in-depth ranting and we'll see how long I can make this one last!


amalee911 said...

2nd half of last sentence... That's what she said.

Anonymous said...

how dare you mention spirit division and ebonmere in your metal archives profile??? they fucking suck!!!

also, you suck for liking that new metallica piece of crap!!!


Chris Latta said...

What I can say, Spirit Division and Ebonmere are big time guilty pleasures.