Monday, October 26, 2015

Local Love: Review of Void King's Zep Tepi

The style of doom played on Void King's debut EP Zep Tepi (Yeah, not sure what it means either) is tricky to pinpoint. It only has three songs but each one opts for  different direction. "Release The Hawks" starts things off in a slow, grandiose fashion before opting for a faster tempo, "Raise The Flags On Fire" features the heaviest riffs and a stirring vocal, and "DFI (That Was Not An Owl)" scales things back with a bass heavy, slow burn groove.

Each of these songs is united by a consistent band dynamic. Those familiar with vocalist Jason Kindred's work with So Sayeth will know what to expect and his husky drawl gives the EP a grounded feel that wouldn't have happened with a more refined approach. Tommy Miller's fuzzy guitar tone recalls the doom album that Hank Williams III released in 2011 but the songwriting here is much more compact.

Three songs does make for a guaranteed lack of filler but it also makes Zep Tepi seem more like a mere sampler rather than its own release. This is most evident with "DFI;" it is a strong track but its pacing wants to flow into a fourth track rather than close things out. It's a minor nitpick as this is definitely designed to make one want more.

Length aside, Void King's debut EP offers strong tracks and promises the rise of a new titan in the Indiana doom scene. Its sprawling sequences keep it from being more of the same stoner metal and the blue collar execution prevents it from being another Candlemass clone. One can only hope their full-lengths will have the same preoccupation with bird-themed song titles...

"Raise The Flags On Fire"
"DFI (That Was Not An Owl)"

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