Friday, May 16, 2014

The Psychic Shorts Nuzlocke Challenge, Part 2: We are Adults

Well, it's been a while but I finally got to make some more progress on the Nuzlocke challenge after a long week of work and other shenanigans. At this point, the game isn't as much of an uphill battle as most of the team is significantly stronger than many of the opponents we're facing. This round certainly wasn't as dramatic as the one before it but there were still plenty of noteworthy moments.

After getting reacquainted with my team by means of decimating the trainers on Route 11 and Route 9, the Rock Tunnel proved to be a bigger game changer than I had anticipated. On one hand, I caught a Level 15 Machop which I nicknamed Roid Rage. I thought that it would die in the tunnel due to its lower level but I ended up keeping it on due to the fast rate that it was matching the rest of the team.
Roid Rage doing what he does

On the other hand, I lost two staples as Madame the Butterfree was taken out by a Geodude's Rock Throw and Cheater the Kadabra fell victim to a Graveler's particularly powerful Self Destruct. They were certainly tragic losses but they may have the most expendable members at the time as Madame would've eventually been outclassed by its more developed opponents and Cheater was a game breaker that I was never meant to have in the first place...

Fortunately, the routes surrounding Lavender Town and Celadon City proved to be a great area to strengthen the team and bring a few new members into the fold. The Eevee in Celadon City was evolved into a Jolteon nicknamed Sparkles as soon as I could acquire it, the Celadon City Gym and Rocket Game Corner were easily cleared, Roid Rage became a Machoke with the help of a conspicuously placed Rare Candy, and a Gastly named G-G-Ghost (Really starting to have too much fun with some of these nicknames) was caught at the Pokemon Tower and quickly evolved into Haunter thanks to a sadistically drawn out series of battles in the Fighting Dojo.

Basically this if you replaced these cats with a Haunter and about five Mankeys

I also have reached the stage in my journey where I am starting to catch more Pokemon than I ever will use due to my team being completely full and harder to take down than before. I earned a Hitmonchan named Fourchan (Sorry, no numbers for nicknames in Generation I) at the Fighting Dojo, caught the second of the two Snorlaxes and lovingly named it Youfatfuck, and successfully captured an Exeggcute named Scramble and a Chansey named Lucky in the Safari Zone. Part of me is rather disappointed that I won't get to use every Pokemon in my arsenal. I think I just want an excuse to put the Snorlax in my party so I can start yelling "Do it, Youfatfuck!" or "That's enough! Come back, Youfatfuck!"

Snorlax training is serious business

The rest of the round went by pretty smoothly as trainers on the routes to and from Fuchsia City were dealt with in my usual scorched earth policy and Koopa evolved into a Blastoise while facing some of the underlings in the Fuchsia City Gym. I chose to end this round in Saffron City right at the entrance of the Silph Co. building. There will be even more grinding ahead and we shall see who will make the biggest impacts from here. I should probably get something to eat now. Kind of haven't eaten since noon...

Current Lineup:
Koopa the Blastoise, Level 37
King the Nidoking, Level 36
Weed the Gloom, 36
Roid Rage the Machoke, Level 36
Sparkles the Jolteon, Level 36
G-G-Ghost the Haunter, Level 36

The Fallen:
Charles the Zubat, Level 17
Madame the Butterfree, Level 24
Cheater the Kadabra, Level 24

On Reserve:
Fourchan the Hitmonchan, Level 30
Youfatfuck the Snorlax, Level 30
Scamble the Exeggutor, Level 25
Lucky the Chansey, Level 26

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