Wednesday, May 21, 2014

The Psychic Shorts Nuzlocke Challenge, Part 4: Where Is Your God Now?

It feels redundant to say but the Nuzlocke Challenge is truly a give and take experience. While my previous installment largely dealt with loss, it was surprisingly easy to make my way back to the top and ran into a few surprising conveniences along the way. Of course, things do find a way of evening out so I have the approached the ending of this chapter on another somber note...

The ocean routes were conquered a little easier than anticipated and a baby Tentacool named Alfred was caught and sent to the PC along the way. Teaching Lucky moves like Thunder and Solar Beam allowed it to catch up to the rest of the team a little easier and made me rethink its status as a novelty addition. The trek through Seafoam Island was also rather smooth though perhaps another moment of questionable ethics as I put on some Super Repel so that the legendary Articuno would be my first encounter in the cave. However, a Seadra popped up as it was a few levels ahead of Lucky and was named Weezy upon its capture. But not wanting to waste the Repels, I used the Master Ball to catch Articuno ayway and nicknamed it Elsa before sending it to Bill's PC.

"Let It Go" is now stuck in your head. I'm not sorry

While I had expected a Seadra to merely serve as filler on my team until I could get to the PC at Cinnabar, it quickly proved to be another surprise addition. Its HP is horrible but its Special stat is quite good and teaching it moves like Blizzard and Hyper Beam made it a fierce competitor. It also helps that the only Pokemon I acquired on Cinnabar were the revitalized Omanyte from Mt. Moon (nicknamed Lord Helix of course) and a Level 31 Koffing named Jazz that was immediately killed by a Scientist's Electrode in the Pokemon Mansion. Weezy also proved to be quite helpful against Blaine's Fire types as it didn't suffer a single hit in battle, thus confirming my theory that Blaine is the easiest Gym Leader in the game.

But as I Surfed my way back up to Pallet Town, I decided that I would take a little detour before I claimed the Earth Badge in Viridian City. No journey through the First Generation is complete without an encounter with the dreaded Missingno. so I decided to make a temporary spot on my team for the glitching abomination. After a few misses that included a brief freeze that forced me to turn the game back to my last saving point, I managed to capture a Level 80 Missingno. which I nicknamed Azagthoth and quickly evolved to a Kangaskhan using one of the infinite Rare Candies that I acquired after defeating it (Promise I won't use any of them. That's fourth grade shit right there). Once I had my amusement, Azagthoth was sent to the PC where it shall wait for a chance to break out of its cyber prison and bring about the end to the world as we know it...

And running into that Level 136 Marowak didn't exactly make me feel any better about this theory either...

And with that interlude of madness out of the way, I cleared through the Viridian City Gym without any issues and defeated Giovanni's team without taking a single hit from any of his Pokemon. Not too much else to note there. You know you have a problem when your first two Gym Leaders are the hardest and the last two are the easiest...

Unfortunately, the high of victory was brought back to a halt as I decided to end today's round by challenging Asshat before we made our way to the Pokemon League. The battle ruled in my favor as every member of my team was put to the test, but the ultimate tragedy occurred as his Alakazam boosted its defenses and killed Koopa with a single Psychic attack. Fortunately, Weezy took it out after surviving a particularly brutal Psybeam and Weed defeated his Venusaur in an overwhelmingly drawn out fashion, but I was hoping that I would be able to hang on to my starter for the entirety of the game. I'm not too emotionally caught up in such thigns but you know your ten year old self is getting teary eyed when you have to release your Blastoise in the town just north of where you first got your Squirtle...

With all the badges now acquired, the last part of this challenge will deal with my journey through Victory Road, the defeat of the Elite Four, and claiming my right as Champion. Elsa has taken over Koopa's well worn spot on the team, proof that a Legendary is sometimes the only thing that can compensate for the loss of a starter, and I don't anticipate losing anyone else on our way there. Of course, there will likely be another surprise or two but this is now where we really have to expect the unexpected. You're going down, Asshat. You're going down.

Current Lineup:
Weed the Vileplume, Level 43
Roid Rage the Machoke, Level 43
Sparkles the Jolteon, Level 43
Lucky the Chansey, Level 43
Weezy the Seadra, Level 44
Elsa the Articuno, Level 50

The Fallen:
Charles the Zubat, Level 17
Madame the Butterfree, Level 24
Cheater the Kadabra, Level 24
G-G-Ghost the Haunter, Level 38
YouFatFuck the Snorlax, Level 30
King the Nidoking, Level 40
Jazz the Koffing, Level 31
Koopa the Blastoise, Level 44

On Reserve:
FourChan the Hitmonchan, Level 30
Scramble the Exeggutor, Level 25
Lapras the Lapras, Level 15
Miracles the Magneton, Level 32
Alfred the Tentacool, Level 10
Lord Helix the Omanyte, Level 30
Azagthoth the Kangaskhan, Level 61

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